Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach ** W6RO **

Catalina Amateur Repeater Association ** AA6DP

Downey Amateur Radio Club ** W6TOI **

Hamfester Radio Club ** W9AA **

Insomniac Net ** N6MGW **

Mc Henry County Wireless Association

Montrose Amateur Radio Club ** KC0GKZ **

Orange County Amateur Club ** W6ZE **

S.C.A.R.A. Amateur Radio Club

Simplex Animals Amateur radio Club

South Bay Amateur Radio Club W6SBA

The Independent Radio Club ** WA6IRC ** FM Repeaters

W6TRW Amateur Radio Club

West Valley Amateur Radio Association W6PIY


Alinco Amateur Radio

CW Touch keyer

Icom America

Kantronics Packet Radio Equipment

Kenwood Amateur Radio

Maha Communications

MFJ Enterprise

Yaesu Amateur radio

Buckmasters’s world wide ham call

FCC License Data Search

Qrz call sign

Belden Coax Cable


Times Coax Cable Calculator

Times Coax Selection Guide


Known D-Stars Repeaters

The Independent Radio Club ** WA6IRC **

AA9PW Amateur Radio Exam Practice Page

ARRL web exam session search

ARRL web site

Ham Test On Line

QRZ Amateur Radio Exams


AC6XI Ham radio home page

K4SX Amateur Radio Station

K6PIJ'S Amateur Radio Page  

K8CX Ham Gallery

KC0BRO Amateur Radio Station

KF6TTR Amateur Radio Home Page

KF7IQ Amateur Radio Resources

N1IPA Home Page

N6WI Home Page

N8ZKA The Amateur world of the Zaras

W0QO Log Book

W5WWW Home Page

W6ZQ Home Page

W9PCI Home Page

Ham Radio Outlet


Diamond Antenna

Force 12

High Sierra Antennas


Max-Gain Systems

SteppIR Antenna systems


Amateur Radio Repeaters

Amateur Radio Trader




Code Quick



Electronics and Radio Today

Hamrad Amateur radio Resource 

Ham University--for your FCC Exams

Instruction Manuals

Mom'N' Pop's Software K4GHG

Numorse and nutest home pages

Southern California DX Club

The Condor Repeater

Critical Towers

Space shuttle


Hubble Space Telescope

Shuttle Mir

United Space Alliance

 International Space Station


Orbiting Satellites

The spark telegraph key 

Telegraph Club

Telegraph History web site

Telegraph Lore

History of the Telegraph in Communications

The Telegraph Office


SU9BN Amateur Radio Home Page  Egypt
  OH8JEP   Finland
VU2FD India  
  IK1MNJ  Italy
  IK4NYY  Italy
  9W2XW Home Page  Malaysia  
  UA9OS Home Page  Russia  
SM3DMP Home page Sweden
  GW3EOP / GW2SDD Home Page  United Kingdom
  M0PCB Ham Radio Page    United Kingdom
  JA2KPR Ham Radio Page    Japan  
  JR4PUR Ham Radio Page    Japan  
  ZL3SV Ham Radio Page    New Zealand  


GW3EOP ARC United Kingdom

VK4DGQ Queensland Digital Group 


Engitek The engineers Portal 

Gray line Map Of The World

Ham Depot

Hooked On Quilts ** N6AWF & N6ECA **

MPI COMPUTERS Full service Internet Provider

The Atomic Web Clock National Institute Of Standards

The Fort Mac Arthur Museum

Time Service Department

 Southern California Coin And Stamps     This site is Under Construction

 Ham Shirts

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